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Clean and Pack is known for the best cleaning products Melbourne. We are the fastest growing company that deals with commercial cleaning products. We keep adding new products to our already wide range from time to time. We offer our amazing range of great products at great value and we offer highest levels of customer service. We at Clean and Pack offer a fabulous range of cleaning products Melbourne that have been designed especially, to suit unique Australian conditions.


We have a whole range of purpose-designed truly durable cleaning products. Some of the products we offer are:


    • - Graffiti Removers that are meant for all types of surfaces known to be highly effective and safe.


    • - Mold Removers that are bleach-free products, are meant for interior and exterior surfaces. These have been proved to be really effective in mitigating mildew and mold problem areas.


    • - Industrial Degreasers that we offer are essentially non-corrosive cleaning solution effective in both heavy and light industrial cleaning.


    • - Anti-Graffiti Coatings are safety shields for all surface types and they allow graffiti to be easily removed with least modifications to the substrate.


    • - Odour Removers are best for surface sanitising and odour removal. These are best for removing odours like smoke, vomit, wet carpet etc.


    • - Patio Cleaners are best for cleaning external surfaces mainly wood, concrete and stone. These cleaners are most effective in removing stains that are caused by mold, water, grime or some other type of discoloration.


  • - Carpet Cleaners are unique formulations for effectively and safely cleaning carpets.

Come to Clean and Pack for wonderful products that are best for carpet care, general cleaning, floor care, disinfectants, chlorinated detergents, degreasing, air fresheners, chewing gum remover, or even specialty removers.

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