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Cloths, Wipes & Rags

Cleaning Cloths & Wipes Melbourne - Clean & Pack

Find Cleaning Cloths & Wipes Melbourne

Clean and Pack offers the best cleaning cloths Melbourne. We are known for supplying recycled cleaning rags and cleaning cloths, package cleaning cloths and wiper rags for all kinds of applications and industries. Our expansive product range is based primarily on wide scale market research. We offer the best cleaning wipes Melbourne and they are real value for your money. We are way ahead of competition in terms of quality and value.


We offer highly absorbent and multi-use wipes and cloths, which are great at cleaning any surface and are especially, ideal and useful for heavily soiled and wet areas. We offer superior quality cleaning wipes Melbourne, which are known for absorption and durability. They have the appropriate thickness to allow superfast absorption of spills. We offer an extensive range of cleaning cloths Melbourne that includes multi- purpose or heavy duty wipes, bags of cleaning rags, alcohol-free detergent wipes, wipes with lotion and many others.


Why Us?


    • - We possess strong business ethics.


    • - We believe in integrity and honesty.


    • - We are known for maintaining an extensive inventory of stock for keeping ahead of transport and global supply issues.


    • - We accommodate orders of any size.


    • - We are highly regarded and well respected in the trade.


    • - We cater to customer’s requirements.

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