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Facial Tissue Papers Melbourne - Clean & Pack

Find Facial Tissue Papers Melbourne

Welcome to Clean and Pack, Australia’s one of the best suppliers of facial tissue papers online. It is an Australian operated and owned company supplying 100 per cent recycled tissue papers including facial tissues, hand towels, kitchen towels, napkins, toilet tissue, personal wipes and many more. We provide the best facial tissue papers Melbourne that are real value for money, high quality eco friendly products. Clean and Pack till date remains true to the vision of handling predominantly recycled and eco-friendly tissue paper products.


Our Products Are in Demand

We are the leaders in the business of hygiene solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of facial tissue papers. We offer the super-soft Shea Butter applied 2ply facial tissue papers. These are the highly absorbent facial tissues with a luxurious satin finish. We also, offer soft 3 ply facial tissues that are known to be highly absorbent and strong. They come in attractive pack designs that are ideal for placement mostly at home, office, car and others.


Everyone prefers our tissue paper products simply because:


    • - They have a luxurious touch and they are known for optimum softness.


    • - They boast of high absorption, extra resistance and optimum strength.


  • - 100% virgin pulp.

Why Us?


We at Clean and Pack are capable and flexible enough to cater to diverse specifications as per your product needs. We provide best facial tissue paper Melbourne. We offer flawless customer service for gaining goodwill and confidence. We believe in expanding capacity much ahead of demand.



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