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Clean and Pack is a reputed company offering high quality cleaning supplies Melbourne. Our stores are known for stocking all major brands of commercial, industrial, residential, environmentally friendly and cheap cleaning products Melbourne.  We at Clean and Pack, take immense pride in providing honest advice and best cleaning products at the most reasonable prices. We endeavour to give our customers one-stop shopping experience. We have been able to set the benchmark for hygiene and cleaning products in Australia thanks to our outstanding service, super-fast delivery, and extensive product range. We are the leading Cleaning Products Online thanks to our complete dedication toward customer satisfaction and service.


Why Choose Us?

  • - We are the best cleaning supplies Melbourne.
  • - We boast of a huge range of high quality cleaning supplies.
  • - We stock some of the best and major brands from leading suppliers.
  • - Our products are of commercial standard and quality.
  • - We have great buying capacity that makes it possible to transfer the savings to our customers.
  • - We offer the best deals.


We at Clean and Pack offer a huge selection of cleaning products online. We provide excellent cleaning systems, as well as, solutions to suit every cleaning need no matter whether you are a carpet cleaner, household, contractor, housekeeper, or a businessman. We offer an extensive inventory that includes Carpet Care Products, Floor Products, Solvents, Degreasers, Automobile Cleaners, Paper Towels, Napkins & Tissues, Cloths, Rugs and Wipes, Distilled Water, Chewing Gum Removers, Commercial Grade Scourers, Liquid Caustic Soda, Packaging supplies, Disposable Gloves etc.

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