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Welcome to Clean and Pack, one of the top suppliers of high quality paper hand towels. We have a wide experience as a distributor of high quality and branded cleaning supplies that are just right for your home and business. We are known for our prompt and efficient deliveries to all locations across Australia.


We are the masters in providing high quality paper hand towels and offer mostly, major global brands. We are known for our comprehensive range of hygienic dispensing systems. Our superb selection of tissue paper products could be easily used in washrooms, healthcare facilities, restaurants, offices, schools, homes and industrial environments too.


Clean and Pack offers different types of paper hand towels including 1 ply embossed, 2 ply perforated paper towels for controlled tearing and 3 ply extra absorbent, extra strong and extra thick paper towels. We offer super-absorbent kitchen towels that are great for cleaning up mess or wiping up spills and quick hand drying.


Why Us?


    • - We have a wide experience in the trade.


    • - Our efficient sales and distribution staff is committed to delivering high quality products, at best prices and in the shortest possible time.


    • - We stand apart from the rest because of our industry expertise, honesty and integrity.


  • - We offer innovative and latest products.

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